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This is me…. The face behind Love Lea (aka Lovely) 💕 I haven’t posted a pic of me for 2 years! I hate having my photo taken 🤪 for all those I haven’t met yet ‘hello!’ 👋 and here’s a little bit about me - I’m married to the lovely Ade, who deserves a medal for 22 years of wedded bliss! 🤣 We have a very energetic 11 year old boy who keeps us on our toes and our cat the lovely Milo. We live in the lovely village of Coven, Staffordshire. I started my little business In 2014, it will be my 7th anniversary in October. I left a career in finance to make celebration cakes but soon returned to my first love of papercraft. I’ve loved drawing since I was little and started making cards about 20 years ago. I love being creative so my collection soon grew from Cards to notebooks, frames and more! I’m a perfectionist which can sometimes be a hinderance but only a good thing for my lovely customers. I’m super grateful for all the returning customers, I have so many people who order from me regulary and now due to being able to get out and about to events again, lots of new ones 💕 It’s been so busy that i really needed help! So it was fab earlier this year when my Mom finally retired; as I now get to spend lots of time with her as she has found a new job - helping me! 💕 last year as we came out of the first lockdown I had my studio built in our garden, which has been a fab, it’s a great space to be creative and room enough for two! The next few weeks will see us both busy creating our Christmas collection which has lots of exciting new makes and we hope to have everything available on my website soon.

With lots of big events towards Christmas we would love to see you there and we are also organising a Christmas event in aid of our local scout group on the 10th December. In the meantime if you would like to order anything just drop me a message 💕

A big thank you, as always to anyone who has ever purchased anything from me, when you buy from a small independent business you really are supporting a dream. I’m just a small business Mom trying to make a living from something I love to do.

If you got this far, thanks for reading, hopefully see you soon,

Love Lea 💕

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1 Comment

Una Forsythe
Una Forsythe
Sep 20, 2021

Love The Photo!!..Always Believe in Yourself Lea.....You bring so much Happiness to Everyone through Your beautiful Bespoke Cards and Other Amazing items!! ...They're JustFab!!!!...Thank You Lea!!

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