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My very first step into the world of blogging!

Hello world, it's me Lea, welcome to my very first blog! I find myself like so many of us at the moment, with time on my hands, so I'm crossing things off that list that we all have, the one that you keep adding to, full of things we never get around to doing. Well top of that list is a holiday to Australia but that isn't going to happen any time soon ... if ever... so, I'll start with the small stuff. What is Blogging anyway? If I'm honest I haven't a clue, but thought I would give it a try :)

I hope you are all keeping safe and well, it's an exceptionally scary time for all of us, we owe a huge thank you to our fabulous NHS and all those key workers who are still going to work, and getting us through this crazy time, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are all amazing!

Such strange times, it makes you so thankful for so many people, not least of all Teachers! Our first week of Home School was been an experience, Carol Vordermans ‘Help your kids with English’ book is a godsend… it’s been a while since school for me and whilst maths isn’t a problem (I was a Finance Manager in a former life)... I am sure English is not my first language! What on earth is a subordinate clause?? I thought it was one of Santa’s little helpers! The things a 10 year old has to learn befuddles my brain! So, after a maths session this morning and writing a story (we avoided noun phrases, determiners and conjunctions today, Mommy needed a break ... or a drink!). We have been concentrating on times tables this week and time in the garden, my boy helped Hubby fix the fence and the drainpipe he broke with his football, if you break it you fix it, especially when you were told fourteen million times 'don't kick you football up the wall you'll break the drainpipe!'. Lesson learnt ;)

But every cloud has a silver lining… I count myself very lucky to be able to make the most of this strange situation and spend lots of time with my not so little one, and try not to stress to much about home school for now, kids have enough to worry them at the moment, he is missing his friends so much.

The only trips I seem to be doing are to the fridge, every time I open the door I put on half a stone! having said that we have been doing our PE lesson with Joe Wicks every morning, which is exhausting! Should come with a health warning... or oxygen! I may even be fitter when all this is over ...if I can avoid the fridge.

It’s a scary time for us little business owners, but I have a steady stream of orders from my lovely customers to keep me going. I am still taking orders and posting via royal mail twice a week, so if you would like to order something please drop me a message.

Well that's it my first blog done, didn't think I could waffle for that long, if you made it this far thank you and well done ;) Promise my next one will be about all things crafty.

Love Lea xx

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