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My new Studio - Love it!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I’m in! What do you think?

I started planning my craft room around 12 months ago, I had this lovely idea that instead of working in the loft (the half a minute climb to work was such a hike lol), I could have a lovely studio at the end of our Garden. My crafting space has been in our loft since I started Love Lea in 2014 and how I haven't ended up coming through the ceiling is a miracle! The amount of stuff I've moved over the last couple of weeks is silly! I could open my very own craft shop with enough stock to give hobbycraft a bit of competition. Why do I need all this stuff, answer is... I don't do I... I don't need it... but I want it. I've come to the conclusion that crafting and shopping for crafting goodies are two completely different pastimes, and I thoroughly enjoy both of them. I've found things I haven't seen for years, and will enjoying experimenting with all the newly discovered goodies I've found.

So my new space took so long to plan because I am a procrastinator and can not make a decision without planning it to the nth degree, it's the perfectionist in me, sometimes it's a hindrance. I reluctantly gave up one end of my new space to the shed but I still have a huge 4m x 8.5m space all to myself and fill it I will! I still have things to do and I'm sure I'll move things about as I get used to how its's going to work for me, but so far it's FAB-U-LOUS! The light is fantastic, after 6 years in a loft with one small window and a strip light it's sooooo good, the lovely big window looking over the garden and the brilliant sky light (I am so pleased I went for that), mean the space is flooded with light all day long. Such a lovely place to work. I still need to sort out my store room and put shelves up, there are still things to put away and I can see a huge magnetic wall panel to add all my dies to but hey I’ll get there... I’m just loving creating in my new ‘studio’!

Love Lea x

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